Who’s your greatest female character in film?

This popped up on my Twitter newsfeed the other day: The 100 greatest female characters in movies, and it caught my attention because I covered the topic of strong, female fighters in film as part of my university dissertation. So I've had a quick look through the list, and while I'll admit that I haven't... Continue Reading →


New Carrie versus old Carrie

I was first introduced to the 1976 Carrie by my film studies lecturer at university and was impressed by Sissy Spacek's portayal of a fragile teenage girl unaware of her great strength which, like a ticking time bomb, gathers pace throughout the film before reaching an unforgettable crescendo. The film made a real impression on... Continue Reading →

World War Z – a new breed of zombie

So I watched World War Z (2013) twice before writing this review because I couldn't quite make my mind up about it. Second time around I decided that it was probably one of the better zombie films I've seen, not quite as good as 28 Days Later (2002), but getting there! While the start was... Continue Reading →

Hi ho Silver, away! And please take The Lone Ranger with you…

Peculiar...and then some - that's how I would describe Gore Verbinski's The Lone Ranger (2013). This is one remake starring Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer which tends to lose you in places and surprise you in others, but on the whole it leaves you with one big question mark. I couldn't really tell you much... Continue Reading →

Fanning the flames of success – The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Comparisons have been drawn between The Hunger Games trilogy and Battle Royale; both are adapted from novels and both depict a life and death scenario, but I would say that the former is worthy of acknowledgement in its own right, particularly since the 2013 release of the second part of the trilogy - The Hunger... Continue Reading →

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