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From as early as I can remember, film has been a big part of my life. I was brought up on a number of classics – Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd, Hammer Horror, My Fair Lady and Cat Ballou, to name a few.

Me outside Harry Potter's home at the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London.
Me outside Harry Potter’s home at the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London.

And when I was about eight year’s old, dad did the unthinkable and got rid of our TV set FOR 6 YEARS! But no matter, because what he did have was an old cine camera which we used to watch off-the-wall films on like the Witchfinder General (bit graphic for me at the time!) and old Tom and Jerry cartoons. Even the neighbours could indulge in a little free cinema viewing, when dad projected the cine camera on to the side wall of our three storey house! The passing cars would slow down for a peek, I remember it well!

My love affair with film continued in college, when I picked media studies as one of my A-Level options. For one of our assignments, we had to do a 10-minute presentation on a film of our choice. While everyone else picked a modern film from the late 90s onwards, I picked a 1949 British film noir – The Third Man. This is one of my favourite films of all time, my presentation over ran by 20 minutes, the class was bored as hell, but my tutor loved it and asked to borrow the film afterwards! Then in 2007, I graduated with a first class honours degree in English and Film at university. I wrote a lot of long essays which analysed films and their historical context. A high point for me was when I got to do a presentation on Gladiator (2000). My degree gave me a new perspective on film and a deeper understanding of the reason behind certain camera angles and the symbolism of colours, sights and sounds.

I thought this blog would be a great way of sharing some of my thoughts with others who have a similar interest in film – enjoy!


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