It doesn’t chase, It Follows

There’s something about the filming of It Follows (2014) which made for addictive viewing without the need for gore or over-the-top chase sequences. Also, the camera wasn’t afraid to linger a little longer, particularly in unnerving ‘quiet’ scenes, which built up the suspense and had me reaching for a cushion to hide behind on more than one occasion.

The plot reminded me a little bit of Final Destination (2000) in so much as death is chasing down a group of teenagers one by one, but far from feeling tired, I found this horror directed by David Robert Mitchell to be entertaining and down right scary. Mitchell is definitely one to watch!

Maika Monroe gave a strong performance as the lead character Jay and ‘It’ itself, which took many forms, fulfilled the requirements needed to scare an audience, despite the fact that ‘It’ never runs, it just walks.

While the ending of the film was a little disappointing for me (I expected something more memorable), as a whole it left my mind playing tricks as I went to bed (the sign of a good horror). The old, ‘what’s that shadow in the corner?’, to ‘there’s something at the foot of my bed’. But I had to laugh when part way through the film I heard what sounded like really loud voices coming from the kitchen. I went in to find that the radio had turned itself on by its own accord! So I turned it off and switched it off at the wall!

All jokes aside, some of the techniques used in this film were spot on, and like many others, I found it to be an entertaining watch. What let it down was an unimaginative ending.

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