Drag Me to…Hell?

What is this rubbish? Of all the horror films I’ve ever watched, Drag Me to Hell (2009) has to be the funniest! But not in a good way… I just didn’t ‘get it’.

I never fancied watching this film before now as the poster for it looked quite terrifying, but last night I stumbled across it on TV and became engrossed in one of the earlier scenes involving a peculiar looking cake, flies, and an awkward dinner. But that’s where the suspense ends and the hilarity begins.


Alison Lohman plays bank loan officer Christine Brown who is placed under a curse by an elderly woman. Lohman does her best to offer a convincing performance, most evident during the dinner scene with her boyfriend’s (Justin LongJeepers Creepers (2001)) parents, but sadly director Sam Raimi doesn’t give her much in the way of plot material to work with.

It’s hard to believe that Raimi, the director of fantastic films such as the western The Quick and the Dead (1995) and the energetic comic book hero adaptation of Spider-Man (2002), could have got it so wrong with this unimaginative, pedestrian, and lazy offering. If I’d had seen this at the cinema, I would have walked out half way through for sure.

For example, the ‘demonic goat’ looked like it’d come from the local joke shop, the ‘special effects’ were diabolical, the old lady in her grave was clearly a cheap plastic model, and the closing scenes were rushed and uninteresting…to be honest you were just glad it was the end of the film.


After this pathetic tosh was over, I happened to catch the start of a classic horror – Amityville II: The Possession (1982), and I was more scared and intrigued in the first 20 minutes than I had been during the entire duration of Drag Me to Hell. Sometimes the old ones are still the best, and in this case, Raimi could do with picking up some tips on how to deliver a memorable horror…for all the right reasons!

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