Ant-Man reminds us why it’s important to pick on someone your own size

Ant-Man – I loved this little guy! From the simple yet effective posterto the bonus scenes tucked away among the end credits, this Marvel masterpiece kept me entertained and wanting more.

So much effort has been invested in allowing you to experience life in miniature and the pairing of Paul Rudd (Ant-Man) with Michael Douglas (Dr Hank Pym) worked well; you warm to both characters, but not so much when it comes to Evangeline Lilly’s character as Dr Pym’s daughter Hope. Quite frankly she was annoying, dull and predictable. But it appears that we will be seeing much more of her…

The stand out scene for me, which I know has been popular with other film reviewers, was the train fight in the child’s bedroom – because the sequence was shot from both the child’s perspective and Ant-Man’s, you’re presented with a very comical and exhilarating action scene.

Ant-Man is a breath of fresh air; small, fierce, fast, and funny – this is why Marvel heroes are the best. Ant-Man makes the impossible ‘possible’. ***** (5 out of 5 stars)

A child in the row in front of me literally sat on the edge of his seat from this point onwards and couldn’t stop laughing and gasping as the film progressed to its finale. That’s the sign of a film which captured a child’s imagination and that’s how I would sum this film up; you were encouraged to view it through a child’s eyes and open your mind up to the possibility of ant armies helping us out in our hour of need.

Loved it. Go watch it! And remember: ‘even the littlest person can change the course of the future,’ as Samwise Gamgee (Lord of the Rings) once famously said!

*Talking of posters, did you see The Avengers related ones? I was introduced to these by fellow film blogger minnis2society!

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