Espionage you say? Meet the Kingsman

I thoroughly enjoyed Kingsman: The Secret Service despite having some reservations that a) I might be ‘too old’ to get the teen humour and b) some of the gags shown in the trailer looked a little bit ‘ha ha’ as opposed to ‘ha, ha, ha, ha, ha’ etc…you catch my drift!

And what I thought was going to be quite a boring plot was, in fact, just brilliant; Colin Firth shone as the typically British, old school spy Harry Hart who embodies the phrase ‘float like a butterfly, sting like a bee’. His combat scenes are effortless, especially when taking on a gang in a pub with nothing more than an umbrella and some memorable phrases such as “manners maketh man”.

If you haven’t heard of Taron Egerton, you soon will! Cast as Eggsy, a kid from the streets who is lacking a direction in life, this cheeky chappy was the perfect ‘ying’ to Firth’s ‘yang’. Gutsy and streetwise, it doesn’t take long for Eggsy to find his feet in the eccentric, hidden world of secret agents. At times, the film appears to wear many hats, from the Harry Potter-style luxury tailor’s shop in Savile Row which hides the secret service HQ to the X-Men inspired villain with sharp, silver spears for legs (Gazelle) and a Tarantino-style execution scene which sees Firth murder an entire congregation of brainwashed worshippers. Bit of a mixed bag really!

If you’re looking for a James Bond spoof to stand the test of time, Kingsman: The Secret Service is the real deal. A fun, fresh and vibrant comic book-style film that should not be underestimated. **** (4 out of 5 stars)

Definitely worth a watch this one, especially if you’re a pug lover as there’s an adorable little fella called JB who Eggsy becomes responsible for as part of his transformation into a crafty spy. Also keep your eyes peeled for a fantastic scene featuring Samuel L Jackson (as the villain Valentine); a great musical score helps to recreate a Fantasia moment, where bursts of rainbow colour replace the spot where people’s heads are exploding in a lively firework fashion. Sounds bizarre, but it’s hilarious!

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