American Sniper makes for uncomfortable viewing

American Sniper is perfectly cast, with Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller giving one of the most notable performances of their careers. Despite Chris Kyle‘s wife Taya having expressed some understandable reservations about the film, I doubt she could have faulted Cooper and Miller’s sensitive on-screen portrayal of a personal story of war and its after effects.

I would be uncomfortable labelling this film as ‘good entertainment’ and would instead encourage you to view it as a thought-provoking comment piece on the horrors of modern war. It makes for some intense, scary and brutal viewing. Some controversial decisions are made, risks taken and lives lost. Clint Eastwood does a good job of allowing you to ‘walk in Kyle’s shoes’ as he embarks on tours of Iraq.

The only other film I can compare this to in terms of its gritty portrayal of ‘life on the line’ is Lone Survivor (2013), set during the war in Afghanistan. I would award both films 5/5 stars for making you witness events you would normally wish to forget.

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