Scares aplenty with The Woman in Black: Angel of Death

If you’re looking for a good old fashioned haunted house horror then The Woman in Black: Angel of Death should be right up your street. Where, in my opinion, the first Woman in Black (starring a rather wooden Daniel Radcliffe) failed to make a lasting impression, this sequel has you sitting uncomfortably from the start, in part thanks to a much better lead actor (Phoebe Fox).

There’s plenty of suspense and scares to keep you entertained, and it was good to see the talented Helen McCrory (better known as Aunt Polly in BBC 2’s Peaky Blinders) cast alongside her younger colleague Eve Parkins (Fox) as a stern and unforgiving school principal who does not believe in ghosts. Needless to say, her opinion changes towards the end of the film. During one particularly terrifying scene in the darkness of an underground bomb shelter, the two teachers desperately try to ensure that all the children in their care keep their eyes shut in order to avoid the horror and curse of seeing the woman in black. But Jean (McCrory) fails to do so and receives the fright of her life!

Stylish, dark and creepy. Woman In Black: Angel of Death is a chilly fairground ride with lots of scares, twists and turns. Mind your back, she’s watching. **** (4 out of 5 stars)

It has to be said that the child actors in this film deliver fantastic performances and as the woman in black starts to pick them off one by one, you’re left crossing your fingers and toes in the hope that Eve can save little Edward from an untimely death. I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re treated to a third helping of this vengeful spirit as the ending hints that everything is far from over…

It’s great to have you back Hammer Horror!

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    1. I did think the first one was pretty good, but I have to admit that Radcliffe was the damp squid for me – I just didn’t find him convincing, especially as a father, so I guess this was what put me off the film a little bit 🙂


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