Got that sinking feeling? Black Sea is a film of hidden depths

Now here’s a film which was certainly let down by its trailer – shame on them! Black Sea starring Jude Law is one adventure film you can’t afford to miss and who doesn’t enjoy a treasure hunt?

When I first caught a glimpse of the trailer at the cinema I didn’t really bat an eyelid; just some submarine expedition with a couple of middle aged blokes led by a moody Scotsman (Law). How wrong was I? I happened to take a punt on this film and went in with very little expectation…but I was gripped from the start!

Firstly, it was nice to see Law cast in a non-romantic film and given a gritty role which he could really get his teeth into and show the audience that he means business. While the plot was fairly simple, the acting was far from it and each and every cast member gave a sterling performance.

Inevitably, things do go wrong in the depths of the Black Sea and the crew starts to diminish as the hunger for gold weakens the men’s allegiances. But just when you thought you had it all figured out, more drama unfolds and you’re left wondering if anyone is going to get out of this submarine alive?

Black Sea may have all the trademark signs of a typical underwater thriller, but it delivers so much more; think you know the hidden depths that man will go to to get gold? Think again. **** (4 out of 5 stars)

I read that the film was originally planned for Channel 4, and I can’t help thinking that this might have been a better place for it, if only to give it a chance to stand out from the crowd.

I found myself holding my breath on a number of occasions, particularly during the scene where some members of the crew leave the submarine to take unknown steps across the ocean bed to find the sunken Nazi U-boat. Director Kevin Macdonald does a brilliant job of allowing you to get to know the characters, and he delivers a film which quite literally keeps you on the edge of your seat (and absent mindedly reaching for your life jacket)!

Don’t give up on this one – it won’t let you down.

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