Life of Pi serves up a dollop of truth that packs a powerful punch

A visual masterpiece that feeds the soul, Life of Pi is the one to beat!

Since its release in December 2012, I struggle to name any other film over the past year that can match the sentiment and outstanding cinematography of this one!* But then again, having Ang Lee as director was always going to be a winner! The special effects are works of art and you are treated to the most amazing scenery; bursts of colour light up the screen and catapult you to another world filled with beauty and wonder. But Pi’s journey from childhood to adulthood is both testing, gruelling and terrifying all at the same time, however it is his faith and a willingness to learn and embrace the world around him that ultimately keeps Pi from death.

Mesmerising and thought-provoking, Life of Pi brings out the survivor in all of us and takes us on a journey driven by hope and faith. ***** (5 out of 5 stars)

tiger-500118_1280What I found so clever about this film was the way in which it left you with two versions of the same story, both of which had the same ending, but presented life differently. The reality is that most of us would prefer the animal story…Richard Parker the Bengal tiger, Orange Juice the orangutan, an injured zebra and a hyena. But here’s where the questions begin: if the tiger is Pi, the orangutan – his mother, the hyena – the cook and the zebra – the sailor, could that mean that the boy (Pi) who survived with the tiger is actually God? Or is Richard Parker representative of Pi’s animal instincts in times of severe stress? After all, the tiger lies silent/hidden under the tarpaulin of the boat for quite a while and it is not the first animal to attack the rest…

Everyone seems to have a different opinion on what the ending might mean, which is why this film (and story) work so well! I will never get sick of watching this film, there’s too much to keep you occupied!

*I’ve had a further think on this…I recently saw Gravity and I was left speechless by the quality of the visual effects which allowed you to experience the helplessness of space (minus the loss of gravity!). The plot wasn’t as special as Life of Pi, but it is worth a watch!


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